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Tuition Reimbursement

Students who are using an employer benefit to pay for school must make sure that it is reported to the Financial Aid Office. Students must obtain Final Confirmation of Registration from the Student Business Office in order to complete the registration process (to be included on the class roster).

If you are using an employer benefit, you must follow the steps below to ensure Final Confirmation of Registration:

  • Have a letter from your company with a signature detailing the amount and fees that will be covered by the company.
  • If you are receiving financial aid, contact the financial aid office to make sure all aid has been posted/awarded to your account.
  • Contact the Student Business Office to receive the appropriate paperwork, or download and complete the Employer Reimbursed - Terms of Agreement Form  and fax to 210-431-4082 with a return fax number. We will create a Special Payment Agreement based on the terms stated by your employer and return to you to sign.
  • You must sign the Estimated Registration Statement/Invoice, Special Payment Agreement (issued from the Student Business Office), and Terms of Agreement. Return all documents to the Student Business Office or fax to 210-431-4082 along with your company letter. 
  • You are responsible for paying a deferred fee of $45 and /or scheduling the initial payment for the payment plan upon completion of the necessary paperwork.
  • Complete the registration process by making a payment by cash, check or credit card in person or making a payment through myOLLU via the Student Finance section.
  • Sign your registration statement/invoice, through myOLLU via Student Finance, Special Payment Agreement and fax the forms to the Student Business Office at 210-431-4082. All forms should be signed and will be verified before Final Confirmation of Registration is issued. Please fax all forms together and make payment prior to submitting all forms.

Upon receipt of documents and verification of deferred payment and/or initial payment, the Student Business Office will send a Final Confirmation of Registration email, if no discrepancies exist. If there are any discrepancies, you will receive an email detailing what is lacking and any corrective action you will need to take in order to ensure Final Confirmation.