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Current Students

New Attendance Verification Process

OLLU has introduced a new attendance verification/participation process. Students must attend/participate in each course they are taking. Participation can take many forms, for example, posting to a discussion board, submitting a response paper or taking a quiz. 

Students should check with their instructor if they are not sure that their participation is clear. This process applies to all courses including those that are remote or online. Students who do not attend/participate in class by the deadline will be dropped from the course.

Students should contact their professors if they are having any issues attending and/or participating in class.

Deadlines for faculty to verify student attendance/participation are as follows:

  • Fast Track A, Weekend I and National Online Session Students – Aug. 20, 2022
  • Weekend II Session Students – Aug. 27, 2022
  • Fast Track B Session Students – Oct. 15, 2022

This new process has been developed to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations dealing with financial aid and to prevent students from incurring any unnecessary debt.

Get It Done! Prepare for the fall semester

Transfer and Graduate Students

If you have not completed all registration and payment steps, contact you admissions counselor for assistance. 

Current Students

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit Self-Service by logging into the myOLLU portal

myOLLU portal

Step 2: Select Student Planning to register for/review classes

Course schedule now updated with additional online options. Register for or review/update your fall semester courses. To see how a course is being offered, view the "Additional Information" section of a course description. 

More details on how to view course instruction information .

Step 3: Select Financial Aid to review your award status

Details on how to access your financial aid information .

Need assistance with your financial aid application, verification or other issues? Email

Step 4: Select Student Finance to complete payment arrangements

Set up a payment plan, pay in full, or accept financial responsibility if covered completely by financial aid.

Details on how to access your student account and make payement arrangements .

Need help setting up a plan or have questions? Email


We’ve Got Your Books Covered

Undergraduate students don’t have any extra fees for textbooks or course materials. They are covered through the OLLU All-Access Program. Learn more about the program and how to access your books.

Need Financial Assistance?

The Caritas Student Emergency Fund can assist students with emergency financial assistance. Learn more or apply online (requires login).

For additional information, contact the Student Affairs Office at